Comfort food of Tuscany: The Tuscan Burger

Tuscany, land of wines…, landscapes, good meat. Are you surprised that not only the famous Fiorentina (our T-bone beefsteak ) is good here? We have also delicious burgers! What if we combine quality wines, amazing view and savoury meat together?

For this part of our journey in the comfort food of Tuscany we have decided to bring you to a special place: “Il Quartino”, a wine shop and a terrace on rolling hills and wineyards, 20 kilometers from Florence, eating local food and drinking wines directly from one of the most known producer of our region: Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi.


The delicious burger offered here, named “Quartino Burger”, is inspired by the flavors of our land, strong and gentle at the same time, the result is truly a masterpiece. Quartino Burger’s secret is hidden in its ingredients : all of them simple bust super tasty, starting from the local white bread, caramelized onions, tomatoes, salad, the delicate touch of homemade mayonnaise, the character of pecorino cheese, and the king: superb Angus meat from Nipozzano , perfectly cooked. We love their fries as well, unpeeled, which is very rare here in Tuscany, not to mention the accompanying homemade sauces. Here, you can’t pair your burger with nothing else but a great wine. And no surprise, the marriage is absolutely perfect!


This is so far one of our favourite burgers ever eaten! There is an exquisite smaller version of it, served with coccoli (fried rolls of bread dough), ham, fried polenta, fries and sauces as the bigger one.


We strongly believe that people make the place, and here everyone is kind; the smiling Francesca , that has a great future ahead, and all the staff helps feeling at home. A smile, a stunning view, a heavenly dish and a glass of wine have the power to solve every problem!


Enoteca “Il Quartino” Via Casentinese Bassa 16/a – Pelago. 055 8311426. Map

And what about you friends and FOOD lovers? Where is your favourite burger from? Les FOOD Amants are waiting for your mouthwatering suggestions from all over the world!

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