Indian wedding and color RED

Red is one of the first colors that comes to mind when thinking about India, land of strong colors where this one is everywhere and is particularly important in the wedding ceremony. In fact, most Indian brides choose the traditional red for their dress. The most symbolic of colors, strongly linked to religion, represents happiness, prosperity and fertility as well as strength for men.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing an Indian woman on her wedding day will surely have been fascinated by her beauty. The rich decoration of the bride’s hands and feet, made with red henna, is called Mehndi and together with the gold ornaments complete the clothing.

One of the most important moments of the Hindu ceremony takes place around the fire. An Indian wedding can last from few days to one week, a rich, exciting and touching experience in which dancing and excellent food never lack. In Women’s life, it represents a very important step because, traditionally, she left her family of origin to start a new one by her in-laws.

These are our dearest Friends, Divya and Shubham @ div25yaa @shubhambanga glowing on their most beautiful day.

We are all united by the same feelings, passions and emotions, we only have different ways to express them. In the vastness of world culture, we should never forget what it is that binds us all together with its eternal strength. After all isn’t red the universal color of LOVE?

💡If you want to try …

🍽Indian cuisine is among the richest and tastiest in the world. If you want to try an excellent recipe book, we can suggest “Indian cuisine from the author Amandip Uppal to have a full overview … be generous with spices and have fun!

🎶Music is an important aspect of this culture, highly successful contemporary tracks are often linked to Bollywood productions. If you want to listen to a wedding themed song able to convey all the vitality of this people (and their remarkable dancing abilities) do it by also filling your eyes with colors with this video: “Will you marry me”, hypnotic. One warning … you won’t be able to get it out of your head anymore!

One last tip … if you are lucky enough to be invited to an Indian wedding, do not hesitate for a moment and pack your suitcase! In our experience, it’s like receiving a precious gift, to be treasured for a lifetime.

Dear world, I have never been about anger, I have always been about love. Sincerely, Red. Aditi Rao Hydari (famous Indian actress, you can find her in the video of the song mentioned above “Will you marry me” from the film Bhoomi, as the protagonist).

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